Hamlet was produced outdoors for a bilingual audience. It was a particularly special project to Lighting Design because I knew it would be the first piece of art/theater a lot of the Latine community members would be seeing. All the little kids seeing a story elevated to even a fraction of what they could see on the stage was important for me. No matter how bright the street lights were I was determined to make every moment feel theatrically lit on the street. So I worked with the city of Chelsea MA to have lighting fixtures in the street lights alongside several portable ADJ lights, and some source 4s. So with not much present in the past productions with this company, I strove for magic on those cool summer nights, and even if it was for single moments I saw kids see the magic of theater for the first time.

For the stage in the street I light it with three Source 4's, four PAR Cans, and two lightbulbs goosenecks in streetlights. 

There were probably 15 playing spaces for the actors. So the challenge was when lights moved and what locations needed lightning elements. 

Every night we ran power for the theatrical lights and light board. Along side the design elements strike and set up was also on our to-do list for each show. 

Setting up the dry ice and lights for the ghost scenes might be some my favorite scenes from the show :) Doing dry ice was epic for the first time. 

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