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Howdy, Enjoy the sunshine, dream of a world of pure creativity, joy, exploration, challenge, and possibility.  That's the world that I live in! Queer Tejano American walking the undiscovered opportunities of lighting, scenic, projections. In the world of design one day you're painting a pretty mountain scape and the next the french revolution. My training has supported all areas of design understanding collaboration, technical skills and the leadership needed to  support all areas of design. Now I'm looking for that electricity!

Throughout my life people have tried to draw a box around me. I know boundaries set by the rules and I hope to  design spaces that challenges those borders. I work hard to fail upward and learn everything I can to discover something new. Everyday is an opportunity to add value to something, an opportunity to grow and make something jaw droppingly stunning from a totally new perspective. I want to transform those spaces to adapt to the people in them, in order to help others and themselves visualize what inclusive spaces could become, electric!

Joe is from and is currently residing in Austin, TX. A theatrical projections designer turned scenic and lighting designer. With interest in expanding his skills beyond theater to something you need in your company! 

Joe received his BFA in Design Technology: with concentrations in Scenic and Lighting, at Emerson College 2023. 


I'm from Austin Tx and Im looking to bring sunshine to any form of design! Why stay in the dark when you can stare into the sunset/rise & enjoy the view!  Attending a liberal art college in Boston I brought the smile and sunshine to every project. 

Resume in progress 2023_08


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