Our Dear Dead Drug Lord

Drug Lord is such a breathtaking story simply to do it in real life was always a dream. So from doing it in a class project to actual design it was such a fulfilling project for my Latin heart. From transforming this blackbox space to a floating tree house to summoning Pablo Escobar from the dead it was a magical experience to grow with as a artist. The cast and crew all contributed to certain placements for posters and props created for the show to really give the impression that it really was a group of four girls who curated this tree house. 

A big part of the play is magical realism and these images from my original design research  stuck w/me into this new design 

A huge part of the magical realism was transforming the set from old tree house to the magical world. We used neon paint that was only present in UV light

So how do we bring it back to 2007, well the team curated posters from the time, we all contributed a little of ourself of the time to draw inspiration. 

Yes things were drafted but a big part of my design is organic collaboration. Pablo was the only poster set from the start since he magically fell (magnets)  during the show.

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