Director -   Annie G. Levy

Writer -  David Adjmi

Scenic -  Alex Mollo

Projections - Alex Koch/Joe Morales

Lights -   Mikayla Brown

Costumes -  Emily  Gilderman

Sound -  Nathan Leigh

Stage manager -  Kirsten Davis


Marie Antionette was my first shining start where I dreamt of endless possibilities and felt understood as an artist. Working with Alex Koch was an opportunity of a life time, we elevated the halls of Versailles to opulence and crumbled them down as the world devolved along with Marie Antionette. Utilizing the paintings of Versalles and the world around Marie we elevated the story without taking over the magic already present in the the text. From sheep/wolf to supertitles the script challenged all of us to think about the person Marie not the monarch known through the history books. 

A huge part of the show was the creation of a 10-minute intermission where projections and sound collabed on showing the audience a passage of time. The whole show was based on the degression of Marie's mental state so each part of the design was challenged to show the evolution of her mental state. This video shows the start of the downfall of her inner workings, time speeds up and slows down to match the music and her son leads the audience through the time jump. 

Overlaying video in isadora really brought the show to life, through multilayered video like this one above we could add to the drama of the text with relative ease. Alex tough me the program during the show and by the end isadora was like an old friend. 

Three projectors were utilized for this production, two hung upside down from a pipe and one seated in the audience at the top of the end-stage seating area. 

Mapping each wall was necessary to minimize projections on actors and darkness surrounding the set. Mask like this were used to map out the full scenes as well as map to individual walls.

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